# Friday, March 11, 2005

I can't believe I'm blogging this, but it's Friday so I guess it's OK.

A colleague at Logos is doing some work on the Semeia series. He came across the following and he knew he had to send it my way:

In James Brown double-voiced theological discourse, Jesus' cleansing of the Temple becomes “Papa Come Here Quick and Bring Me that Lickin' Stick.” His recounting of Peter's rebuke to Jesus' prediction of his own crucifixion was J.B.'s first big hit: “Please, Please, Please (Don't Go — I Love You So.)” In James' double-voiced discourse he sang of the New Covenant and grooved us at the same time with “Papa's Got a Brand New Bag.” Of course, Gethsemane's anguish in J.B. deuce-discourse can be none other than “I Break Out (In a Cold Sweat).” And “It's Too Funky in Here (Open up the Windows)” most certainly is about Lazarus locked up in the tomb for four long days.

(Osayande Obery Hendricks, Guerrilla Exegesis: "Struggle" As A Scholarly Vocation. A Postmodern Approach to African-American Biblical Interpretation. Semeia vol. 72, p. 78.)

I don't have any more context, and unfortunately vol. 72 is not archived at the SBL site, but this was too good to let sit. I immediately set about creating a Rhapsody Playlist. Here you go:

  • "Licking Stick" - James Brown
  • "Please, Please, Please" - James Brown And His Famous Flames
  • "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Pt. 1" - James Brown
  • "Cold Sweat, Pt. 1" - James Brown
  • "It's Too Funky In Here" - James Brown

If you want to listen to the playlist, here's the link (requires Rhapsody, of course).

This only started the ball rolling. Here are some further funktastic suggestions (from various similarly funk-minded folk at the office) to fill out the "James Brown - Semeia Funkadelic Discourse" playlist:

  • "Get on the Good Foot" - Healing the lame.
  • "Get Up Offa That Thing" - Jesus healing the paralytic. 
  • "Papa Don't Take No Mess" - Jesus' rebuke of the Pharisees
  • "The Payback" - Pretty much the whole book of Revelation, as well as other apocalyptic literature.

These are not a part of the above-linked playlist. If you think you can handle the funk, go ahead and add them to the playlist after you load it up.

Be careful out there, funky people. The groove you save may be your own.

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Friday, March 11, 2005 4:59:23 PM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) 

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