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Nick Norelli (Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth) tagged me for the latest flavor of the “five books” meme. I think someone should start a “five book” meme of “The Five Biblical Studies Books I’m Stupider for Having Read” meme. As a matter of fact, I’ll start that meme next. So watch out, you might get tagged.

Here are the rules of the Five Influential Primary Sources meme, as Nick lists them.

  1. List the 5 primary sources that have most affected your scholarship, thoughts about antiquity, and/or understanding of the NT/OT.
  2. Books from the Bible are off limits unless you really want to list one, I certainly will not chastise you for it.
  3. Finally, choose individual works if you can. This will be more interesting than listing the entire corpus of Cicero as one of your choices.

I will be brief, mostly a-cuz I’m not very deep here.

1. Didache. All sorts of reasons for this, primarily because it is early and it gives us a peek at how early Christian communities applied scriptures to their situation.

2. 1 Clement. Very useful for understanding how the OT was handled.

3. Letters of Ignatius. I’ll hit up the whole corpus of Iggy’s letters here, though that’s likely in violation of guideline #3. It is interesting to see how the letter genre was used outside of the NT to get a better understanding of how they’re used in the NT.

4. 1 Enoch. Haven’t read it? Read it.

5. Josephus. I’ll cop out again and go for the whole corpus, mostly because it is less about content and more about language. Josephus is helpful for getting more examples of infrequently used words to get a better idea of how they were really used. More data is better, and in most instances Josephus will help you get more data.

I will not tag anyone else on this meme. But watch out, I hope to start a new meme with my next post, and you may get tagged there.

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