# Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yes, I've been quiet for the past week or so. Here's what I've been reading in that time:

  • Clayton N. Jefford's The Apostolic Fathers and the New Testament. I blogged about this previously. I finished it up. I had a slight criticism of the first few chapters: Jefford seemed apologetic in making his views known as opinions. I'm pleased to say that the balance of the book didn't exhibit that same degree of apology. Overall the book was good and it provides decent introduction and discussion particularly on the issues of "Christians as Jews" (chapter 5) and "Christians as Citizens" (chapter 6).
  • Larry Hurtado, The Origin of the Nomina Sacra: A Proposal (JBL 117:4, Winter 1998, pp. 655-673). If you're an SBL member, you can get this article through JSTOR. I read this as follow-up to a few footnotes in Hurtado's recent book The Earliest Christian Artifacts (which I've blogged about). Note another JBL article by George Howard: "The Tetragram and the NT" (JBL 96:1 (1977), pp. 63-68) which I have a note to read but haven't read yet. Maybe this afternoon. Again, I'll note: If you are into Biblical studies but not at or near an institution with easy journal access, an SBL membership and its included access to JBL back issues via JSTOR is a wonderful thing. If used frequently, it is worth the annual membership price alone. Same goes for the ETS and its JETS back-issues and annual subscription for members.
  • E. Randolph Richards, Paul and First Century Letter Writing: Secretaries, Composition and Collection. This was a Christmas gift from my lovely wife (yay!). I've only read the first 100 pages or so, but I've already taken down at least four notes of books or articles to read in follow-up. For me, that's the sign of a good book — I'm stimulated to the degree of interacting with sources. I'll blog about this one more I'm sure.
  • Didache 11 because I'm working on translating it. (See main post on my Didache series) This is a longer chapter than most in the Didache, so it's taking longer than usual.
  • The Epistle of James because I'm in a home-group Bible study on this epistle. We'll be spending the next 11 weeks looking at it.

That's it for now.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007 2:18:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) 

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