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At the end of December, I posted a summary of Bauckham/Davila/Panayotov’s Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: More Noncanonical Scriptures (amazon.com). Using the Twitter (@RickBrannan) I posted a short summary of each pseudepigraphon after I read the intro and the document.

I’ve finished reading the book, so now it’s time to finish the summaries. In the I hope to write a review later; it will likely focus more on the introductions in general and not the content of each pseudepigraphon. In the meantime, do check out Jim West’s review.

So, on with the summaries!

  • Hebrew Visions of Hell and Paradise: Medieval traditions of Moses, Hell, Eden, &c. Some strikingly like Christian apocrypha #MoreOTP
  • Quotations from Lost Books in the Hebrew Bible: Ever notice how that book of books quotes some books we don't have anymore? #MoreOTP
  • Palaea Historica: More rewritten Bible, like Jubilees. Only with lots of extra traditions thrown in. #MoreOTP
  • Cave of Treasures: Adam stashes swag from Paradise, Magi present it to the baby Christ. Post-500 Syrian-flavored Christian History? #MoreOTP
  • Latin Vision of Ezra: Ezra descends to Tartarus then ascends to the Seventh Heaven. Then he literally refuses to give up the ghost. #MoreOTP
  • Public Service Announcement: 2 Esdras = 5 Ezra + 4 Ezra + 6 Ezra. In that order, in case you were wondering. #MoreOTP
  • Sixth Ezra: More prophecies of the end. Catastrophe. Tribulation. Judgment. Hope for the elect. #MoreOTP
  • Fifth Ezra: Ezra the scribe denounces Israel for sin, announces a new people — Christians — will take their place. #MoreOTP
  • Sefer Zerubbabel, Prophetic Vision of Zerubbabel ben Shealtiel: Eschatology, Messiah (not Jesus), and Michael = Metatron. Whoa. #MoreOTP
  • Relics of Zechariah & Boy Buried at His Feet: Divine revelation reveals Z's burial but why the boy? Research points to Joash's son. #MoreOTP
  • Danielic Pseudepigraphon Paraphrased by Papias: Wait, the Watchers were Michael's warriors, & they helped humans? Daniel said this? #MoreOTP
  • Seventh Vision of Daniel: An apocalyptic vision against Rome, warning of Antichrist, with OT & NT allusions. #MoreOTP
  • Treatise of the Vessels (Massekhet Kelim): Free prize inside: One Temple Rebuilding Kit — Messiah not included. #MoreOTP
  • Apocryphon of Ezekiel: Lots of folks through history attribute Bibleish Ezekiely-type stuff to Ezekiel. Here it is, collected. #MoreOTP
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