# Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My colleague Sean Boisen reminds us all that BibleTech:2008 is coming.

I have one talk/paper at the conference, the overly-generically-named Locating New Testament Cross-References: Some Strategies. My abstract isn't much help either:

This talk examines the feasibility of locating related passages in the New Testament using various measures. The focus will be on strategy and results, not on the nitty-gritty details of the code.

Well, I've actually written the paper now so I have a better idea of what I'm going to say. I still need to make the powerpoint slides and such. But here's the introduction to give you a better flavor of what's what:

Marginal cross-references have long been a feature of several Bibles in print. Each of the myriad versions has some edition with “marginal cross-references” or “center-column cross-references”. Yet electronic editions, apart from those reproducing data available in printed editions, have not done a good job of complementing the text with relevant cross-references. Most electronic editions of Bibles are centered on the words of the text and not its presentation or on supplying ancillary data to help in the study of the text.

This paper largely restricts itself to discussing New Testament cross-references to the New Testament. Different approaches, from “no-tech” to “low-tech” to (keeping the rhythm) “mo’-tech”, will be examined (each in differing degrees). Discussion of necessary data and even ideas about sources are provided at relevant points.

But first, it is necessary to note that there are several different types of cross-references, and perhaps even several different “levels” of cross-referencing. Cross-referencing can be between key words in a text (perhaps even down to key words in a book/author); it can be between similar phrases; it can be topically oriented. But even tables of Gospel parallels are cross-references of a sort.

This paper takes a sort of “shotgun” approach, mentioning several ideas on different styles or sources of cross-references and even providing worked examples of many. But we will move quickly from idea to idea. In other words, the presentation will be wide, not deep.


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