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[NB: It's high time for a new "about ricoblog" entry. The old one will remain, but I'll now be linking to this one under my picture to the right.]

“rico” is Rick Brannan. Somehow, folks at the office started calling me “Rico”, and it stuck. So there you have it. You can check out my personal web site for more info.

I work for Logos Bible Software as an Information Architect. Yeah, we made up that title. I'm what I like to call a text geek; I write programs to munge text from one format into another or even create alternate views of data or even completely different data sets. It is a hoot; it's a job I love, and I'm very lucky to be able to do it, get paid for it, and work with the great folks at Logos Bible Software.

I'm also a bibliophile. I love books and I love to read them — particularly books that have to do with the Pastoral Epistles, Apostolic Fathers, Greek of the New Testament, Corpus Linguistics and Styleometry; as well as Syntax and Grammar of Hellenistic (Koine/NT) Greek. My academic interests lie in the realm of the intersection of time, culture and development of the church between the Pauline corpus (so, let's say between 51-64 CE/AD) and the post-apostolic literature (so, let's say 80 CE/AD). If this is your interest, or if you have references/books/articles etc. to point me toward in this area, I'd love to hear from you.

To learn more about me, you can read (or listen to!) the following:

In addition to ricoblog, I also blog at:

Lastly, I have posted some papers that I've presented at various academic conferences on my personal web site.

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