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I'm finally beginning a series of random, unscheduled posts on the Didache. I'm less interested in textual history (e.g. Niederwimmer and his endless discussion of textual history and parallels on the "Two Ways" literature) and more interested what the Didache says. So if you're looking for discussion on textual history, parallels, musings on source documents, how the Didachist might have edited his source into the Didache, and stuff like that ... well, read Niederwimmer's Didache volume in the Hermeneia commentary series.

Me, I'll just be reading the document and blogging about what I read. I hope to do the following for each chapter:

  • Translation. OK, this really isn't a from-scratch translation, I'm reading Lake's edition of the Greek and English. My "translation" is really just working over Lake's stuff and rico-tizing it. Most times that will include wholesale changes, other times (when I'm really confused) it will be a simple modernization of the language.
  • Phrasing Breakdown. I hope to do simple phrasing breakdown (some might call it "sentence phrasing" or "block diagramming") of the Greek. This is largely based on my intuition. I don't claim to have the last word on this and realize that others would break things in other ways. I largely use punctuation of the printed Greek editon as guide, along with examining conjunctions, prepositional phrases, and other natural (to me) breaking points in the text. This produces a simple tabbed "hierarchy" that I'll base my notes on.
  • Notes. I'll write whatever comes to mind based on how I worked through the text. Nothing systematic here, particularly since this will be work done over time and really only taking the current chapter (and perhaps some previous context) into account.

Sound good? Ok. Let's get started. For some background, check out EarlyChristianWritings.com on the Didache.

Update (2006-04-07): Thanks to Mike Aquilina (The Way of the Fathers) for linking to this little series of mine. Also note his Introduction to the Didache.

As of March 29, 2007, this series is complete.

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