# Friday, August 12, 2005

[as I have a very busy weekend ahead of me (and most likely blog-free, at least until Sunday night), I thought it best to post this today, one day early]

It's true. One year ago (Friday, August 13, 2004) ricoblog went live on the internet to the world. Here's the very first post (I think!).

This past year has gone better than I expected. Last time I checked the ol' Site Meter, there had been over 22,000 visitors (and who knows how many pages actually served!) to my humble internet backwater. Then again, maybe that means I'm not really such a backwater anymore.

Anyway, thanks to all who visit. And thanks in particular to a few bibliobloggers who put up with my questions and even on occasion find something I post worth linking to. I'm thinking specifically of:

  • Stephen C. Carlson of Hypotyposeis, who linked to ricoblog early and has encouraged me often.
  • Mark Goodacre of the NT Gateway Weblog, who links frequently and is always complimentary and encouraging.
  • Jim Davila of PaleoJudaica.com. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim in San Antonio and look forward to seeing him again in Philadelphia. I'm particularly jazzed to be presenting a paper in the same session with him, the CARG Biblioblogging session.

There are many I haven't mentioned; it would be tough to come up with a comprehensive list. But thanks for your encouragement nonetheless. I've learned a lot over the past year in my own areas of interest (NT Greek, Pastoral Epistles, Apostolic Fathers, Textual Criticism) and I think it can be directly correlated to the feedback and encouragement I get from the folks who read and interact with me through ricoblog. I can't say "thank you" enough.

Now, as seems typical for these sorts of posts, time for the retrospective!

[insert fanfare here]

Notable Posts of the Past Year

Favorite Post: Complutensian Polyglot Coolness. I had an entire series of posts on typography of early printings of the Greek New Testament. Click the "textual criticism" category, I think they're all listed in there.

Biggest News: New Project: PastoralEpistles.com. This soon morphed into a paper on biblioblogging that I'll present in November 2005 at the annual SBL meeting. I blogged about the latest title/abstract of the paper here: SBL Paper on Biblioblogging.

Most Popular Post: Balsamic Vinaigrette. Based on the frequency with which I see the search terms "balsamic" and "vinaigrette" show up in my referrals, this has got to be one of the most frequent search terms that brings folks to ricoblog. Come for the vinaigrette, stay for the musing! BTW, I still get compliments on this recipe from folks when they come over for dinner, so if you need a quick & easy salad dressing, this could be it.

Sentimental: The Scholarly Omnivore: Knowledge in the 21st Century. I've liked this one ever since I wrote it, so I just have to bring attention to it again.

If you have nominations, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

Epistle to Diognetus Posts

Finally, some of the longer-term ricoblog readers know that I've blogged off and on about the Epistle to Diognetus. I have two more chapters to blog about still, but now does seem like a good time to bring attention to the entire group of posts that I've written while superficially working my way through this work.

Maybe someday I'll write a book on it, and I'll look back here for inspiration ... and I'll conclude "what in the world was I thinking when I wrote that tripe?!!"

Update (2005-08-15): Thanks to all who have sent thier blog-iversary greetings to me, left a comment, or posted on their blog (Biblical Theology, NT Gateway Weblog, Hypotyposeis, and James Tauber's Weblog, at least that I've seen). It's been a fun year, and hopefully the upcoming year will be as fun if not more fun.


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