# Friday, July 01, 2005

Today (July 1, 2005) is Logos Chili Day. This happens every year around Independence Day; this year is our sixth.

We have 18 chilis 19 chilis 20 chilis entered. It's going to be an awesome day!

I have some pictures of previous years online:

Update (2005-07-01): Nope, my chili didn't win. I sort of followed this recipe. If I make it again, I'd do something to thicken it up a bit. I took several photos; when I'm able to upload them I'll post a link here.

Update (2005-07-02): Chili photos uploaded. My chili was named Don't Mess with My Chili, it was a Texas-style chili: no beans, chunks of beef, lotsa spice. Check out those habaneros floating around in there! Time for some chili notables:

  • Best Chili: This year's best chili, as voted by Logos employees, was the last-minute entrant Chunky Chili with beans. This was some awesome chili and it was my hands-down favorite too. I liked it better than my own, and voted for it over my own chili!
  • Best Chili Name: Free Chili, from Vincent Setterholm. Vince's entry last year, "Soylent Red", is the all-time best chili name ever.
  • Best Chili Sign: As usual, this goes to Eli Evans and his sign for his creation, Pure Chili.
  • Best Chili Serving Apparatus: Kudos to Bob Pritchett's egg carton idea, shown in two variations (here and here). I'm sure we'll be using these in future cook-offs!


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