Convert Greek Beta Code to Normalized Unicode

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This utility is intended to help in transforming Greek Beta Code strings into Unicode strings utilizing characters in the Greek Extended Range (1F00-1FFF), the traditional Greek and Coptic Range (0370-03FF), the Combining Diacritics Range (0300-036F), and a few in the Punctuation range.


The tool is currently limited to strings of 150 characters or less. The goal is to provide a useful utility to quickly type or paste a string in Greek Beta Code and get nice, polytonic Greek Unicode. The goal isn't to allow you to copy & paste reams of data from TLG/PHI CDs so you can get them into Unicode.

Samples to Try

Here are some samples that you can copy/paste to see how the tool works.

Character Combinations

This tool will map to the best available unicode character, however, it assumes that the user enters the Greek Beta Code text in Unicode order. This is easy to do though there are a few guidelines:

Supported Characters

This tool does not aim to provide exhaustive coverage for polytonic Greek. It should, however, provide the transformations needed for New Testament Greek. The supported characters are as follows:

A  Alpha
B  Beta
G  Gamma
D  Delta
E  Epsilon
Z  Zeta
H  Eta
Q  Theta
I  Iota
K  Kappa
L  Lambda
M  Mu
N  Nu
C  Xi
O  Omicron
P  Pi
R  Rho
S  Sigma
J  Final Sigma
T  Tau
U  Upsilon
F  Phi
X  Chi
Y  Psi
W  Omega
|  Iota Subscript
'  Apostrophe
*  Uppercase
-  Hyphen
,  Comma
.  Period
:  Raised Dot
;  Question Mark (;)
_  Dash
?  Subscript Dot
)  Smooth Breathing (')
(  Rough Breathing (`)
/  Acute Accent
\  Grave Accent
=  Circumflex Accent
+  Diaeresis


No, I'm not considering handling the conversion of other Greek fonts to UTF8.

If you have other feedback, hop to my blog, grab the email address listed there (right column, at the bottom), and send me some email. Thanks!