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Furled away links ...'s motto is “Four Guys and a Web Server.” Well, I'm one of those guys. And this is my world.

  • ricoblog — After holding off for more than a year, I've commmenced a blog. Be sure to let me know what you think about it.
  • Pastoral Epistles Study — I've commenced a long-term study on the Pastoral Epistles. A full bibliography (updated as I go) is posted, as are translations, outlines, information on parallels, and all sorts of fun stuff.
  • Guillemot L Strip-Built Kayak — My on-again, off-again project is complete! It floats. It goes straight. It looks really cool. I hear all the kids want one of these for Christmas ...
  • Africa Photos — I spent a month in South Africa (February 2003), primarily for business reasons. But I took some photos.
  • Digital Photo Database — I've been taking digital photos since February, 2001. Since I'm a geek, at the time I wrote a program to store the photos in date-based folders. Then I wrote another program to create thumbnails & low-res versions of photos for the web, and generate index and calendar pages to boot. I've got a third program I can use to easily add comments to photos (though I seldom do that ... ). Now you get to look at them. Some have comments. They're not searchable. You'll notice that they mostly deal with kayak construction and landscape/sunsets.
  • Papers Presented at Academic Conferences — I've presented papers at academic conferences in the area of Biblical Studies. Check them out via this page.

Apostolic Fathers Lookup

Here's something new. Look up an Apostolic Fathers citation.



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More information on the Apostolic Fathers Lookup is available at ricoblog.

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