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Sample page from Why Daddy is a Democrat from Little Democrats. Now, I figure that in a free society parents should be allowed indoctrinate their children with whatever ideology they please, so long as it’s not actively destructive to others.

(Overheard in the Evans household:

“Okay kids, time for bed.”

“Read us a story! Read us a story!”

“Fine, fine. Which will it be? Reflections on the Revolution in France or should we read Road to Serfdom again?”

Because, see, my kids were always very very advanced for their age. Eh, nevermind.)

Nevertheless, I think that if there were an equivalent book for little Republicans1 I would personally feel very icky about reading it to my younguns.

1 There may well be — I’ve seen some pretty hardcore homeschooling curricula. “God wants America to dominate the world so the Communists don’t destroy the human soul” sort of stuff. Bleagh.

Jun 1, 2009 | Eli Evans | permalink | comment

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